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Annual General Meeting will be held
ON OCTOBER 22, 2023 AT 2 PM

Published on: September 30, 2023

To all current and former Ukrainian Cultural Centre members:

With this year’s AGM quickly approaching, we would like to inform you that the following positions up for election are: President, Treasurer, Secretary and five directors at large (three are due and two directors resigned and not seeking reelection). 

Persons wishing to run for a board position can complete and submit a nomination form endorsed by a paid up member in good standing. A nomination form can be found here. The completed nomination form should be presented to the UCC Office fourteen (14) days prior to the AGM – by October 8th, 2023 (AGM is on October 22nd, 2023 at 2 P.M.).

Their name will be posted on the slate that will be presented to the membership at the AGM.  

Persons attending can also have their names added to the slate by being nominated by another paid up member from the floor. According to the Bylaws, persons wishing to have their name added must be a paid up member for at least one year prior to the AGM, in this case, October 2022. Anyone joining the membership since October 31st last year cannot be considered as a candidate for a board position at this time.

To accommodate some persons not able to attend but wish to exercise their voting privileges, they can do so by proxy. Proxy forms can be found here.    

The completed proxy form can be presented at the time of the AGM by another member in good standing attending the AGM on their behalf. 

To ensure a seat,  please notify the office prior to October 22nd, 2023 if you will be attending. We will do our best to ensure all attending have a seat.

According to recent membership category changes,  vote allocation will be Group representative ( 1 ),  Individual ( 1 ),  Student/Senior ( 1 ),  Honourary/Life time ( 1 ) and Family ( 2 ). All persons voting must be of legal age (18 or older).

Upon entering the UCC main hall, your membership will be confirmed and provided with copies of last year’s AGM meeting minutes,  this year’s agenda,  ballots and a writing implement. If one has proxy forms,  please present them so you can be given an extra ballot for each proxy in your position.

We remind all once again that membership renewal will not be taken at the AGM. It must be renewed at least one week before October 22nd prior to the AGM at the office.   This is to alleviate last minute confusion and the delay of the meeting. You may pay for your membership with the following options:

  1. Online 
  2. Visiting office (cash, cheque, card)
  4. Call to the office during regular hours (Mon-Fri 10AM-3PM or Sat 10AM-4PM) by phone (250)4752585
  5. If you never been a member and would like to join, please use following link

Chase Gargus
Board Secretary

The role of the board is to:
  • Develop a long-range plan for the organization; define our strategy and a time frame for achievement of our goals.
  • Ensure the long term financial stability and strength of the organization, develop and maintain sources of income to provide for the continuing operation of the organization.
  • Ensure the long term organizational stability and strength of the organization, bring into the organization individuals with the necessary abilities to lead and manage the organization in the future.
  • Maintain the integrity, independence and ideals of the organization; do not allow individuals or organizations to compromise these principles.
  • Exercise management oversight of the Office Administrator and the operations, approve annual budgets, review operating and financial results, audit for compliance with internal policies and external requirements, review performance against goals
The Officers:
The officers have specific roles and responsibilities in addition to those they have as members of the board of directors.
  • President: For election, executive position: Preside over board meetings, be a primary spokesperson for the organization; lead the board in the performance of its responsibilities. Operating, financial, and records oversight.
  • Vice President: Alec Rossa, executive position. Perform the duties of the president when the president is unable to perform them. Operating oversight and controls.
  • Secretary: For election, executive position. E-newsletter, minutes, agendas, corporate records, government reports, safeguarding & continuity of records
  • Treasurer: For election, executive position. Financial oversight and controls, reports, budgets, grants, policies, insurance, tax
Directors at Large: 
The Directors have specific operations oversight roles and responsibilities in addition to those they have as members of the board of directors.
  • Director 1: For election. Gift shop sales and supplies
  • Director 2: Library, Ukrainian School, Ukrainian Choir. Cultural events programming. 
  • Director 3: For election. Facility upgrades & repairs, asset inventory, maintenance schedule
  • Director 4: Cultural events organization
  • Director 5: For election. Kitchen and catering management
  • Director 6: For election. Digital marketing, online orders, comprehensive website updates & development 
  • Director 7: For election. Facility rentals & contracts
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