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Sviatyi Vechir

sviatyi vechir

On January 6th, 2024, the Ukrainian Studies Society will host its first Ukrainian Christmas Eve Traditions supper since Covid.
The evening will take the audience through the colourful and meaningful traditions that surround celebrating Christ’s birth, from the sighting of the first star by the youngest child, setting an extra place at the table for ancestors and unexpected guests, lighting the candle, 12 meatless dishes in honour of the animals in the manger and carollers bringing greetings in song to the household.

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Christmas Party: Vertep & Potluck

Christmas Party: Vertep & Potluck

December 30, 2023

  • DSC05217

  • DSC05263

  • DSC05248

  • DSC05140

  • DSC05278

  • DSC05143

  • DSC05145

  • DSC05147

  • DSC05149

  • DSC05150

  • DSC05151

  • DSC05155

  • DSC05164

  • DSC05167

  • DSC05169

  • DSC05099

  • DSC05102

  • DSC05170

  • DSC05132

  • DSC05297

  • DSC05103

  • DSC05136

  • DSC05135

  • DSC05130

  • DSC05288

  • DSC05171

  • DSC05313

  • DSC05172

  • DSC05178

  • DSC05182

  • DSC05193

  • DSC05195

  • DSC05218

  • DSC05225

  • DSC05267

  • DSC05270

  • DSC05277

  • DSC05283

  • DSC05293

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dear Members and Friends,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian-Canadian Society of Vancouver Island, I extend warm greetings and heartfelt wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This year has been a waved journey filled with shared moments of unity, cultural celebration, and community strength. Together, we have shown the power of our friendship and collaboration that makes our society a vibrant and important part of Vancouver Island.

With your generous support, we organized many events in the spirit of Ukrainian unity such as concerts, Ukrainian suppers, cultural workshops, Meet & Greet, and other events. In addition, together, we renovated the premises of the Ukrainian Cultural Centre, creating a comfortable space for joint gatherings and entertainment. We continue to think and jointly support our defenders in Ukraine in different ways for our victory next year.

Rest assured, we sincerely appreciate everything you have done for the future of the Ukrainian community including your continued newcomers’ support. Many of newly arrived are far away from friends and family, and it’s so important for them to have a shoulder here to lean on. Your contributions make our society stronger, and we look forward to another year of shared experiences and achievements. 

May the approaching New Year usher in boundless happiness, prosperity, and good health for you and your loved ones, as well as victory and justice for Ukraine. May each day unfold with new opportunities, fostering a prosperity both as individuals and as a unified family.
See you in 2024!
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes! 

With warm regards,
Andriy Fabrikov 
UCCSVI President

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November 2023

Dear Ukrainian-Canadian Cultural Society
Members and Friends,

We hope this message finds you well and immersed in the vibrant colours of life. As advocates of cultural diversity and appreciation, we are thrilled to bring you the latest updates and details about our upcoming events and opportunities which promise to be a celebration of unity, creativity, and tradition.

Upcoming Events
Ukrainian Supper from Veselka Dance

Next Friday, Veselka Dance will host our popular Ukrainian Supper with live music, free communication, and delicious food.

Come to the Ukrainian Cultural Centre on November 24th, from 5 PM to 8 PM to try or take with you freshly hand-made perogies, Ukrainian sausage, vegetarian borscht, or vegetarian cabbage rolls. A $20 combo plate, a la carte items, and bar service will be available.

Craft Fair at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre

We are thrilled to invite you to the upcoming Craft Fair at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre on Saturday, November 25th, from 10 AM to 3 PM.

Christmas items, glass, rock and wood art jewelry, chocolates, gift boxes, soaps essential oils, pet and baby items knit, crochet work, brooches, silver jewelry, and more will be available for sale. 

In addition to a fantastic array of crafts, we’re excited to offer a delectable selection of Ukrainian Frozen Food for sale and HOT LUNCH for our guests.

Victoria in my heart – Concert of Ukrainian Musicians
Eldar, Anton, Julia, and Borys are true Ukrainian professionals, enthusiastic and passionate about international, classical, and Ukrainian music. All four of them left Ukraine to start a new life in Canada, no matter how hard it may be, they are united by their love for music, faith in peace, and love.

On Saturday, November 25th, from 7 PM to 8 PM they bring a new sound to the worldwide hits to all the music lovers at their special concert at the Salvation Army Citadel (4030 Douglas St.).

Admission by donation.

Holodomor Commemoration 
Honoring the memory of the millions who perished during the enforced famine of 1932-33 in Ukraine, we extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join us at the Holodomor Commemoration on Sunday, November 26, at 6 PM. It will take place at the Christ Church Cathedral, located at 911 Quadra Street in Victoria, BC.

This program is designed to pay tribute to the victims through a moving memorial service, thought-provoking speeches, and soul-stirring Ukrainian songs performed by the Kalyna Ukrainian Choir and other talented musicians. We warmly welcome everyone to join us in this solemn occasion.

This event is proudly sponsored by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Victoria Branch. Donations are being accepted for the Canada-Ukraine Foundation toward humanitarian aid in Ukraine, which will contribute towards much-needed humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

For those unable to attend in person, the event will be livestreamed.

Meet & Greet in Victoria
Join us for an immersive Board Game Night – a vibrant Meet & Greet for Ukrainians and friends at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre. Dive into an enchanting evening of tabletop games on November 30th from 5 PM to 7 PM, fostering a lively community and ensuring a memorable and delightful experience for all. 

Feel free to bring something delectable to share at our communal table, enhancing the joy of the night as we savor these treats together and exchange stories. We look forward to sharing laughter, camaraderie, and fun-filled moments with you!

Toy Drive – Support or Get Support
The holiday season is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to spread joy and warmth to those in need! We are excited to announce Toy Drive organized by UVIC & UNICELF and supported by UCCSVI, where we come together to make a difference in the lives of children who recently arrived to Victoria from Ukraine and may not have the opportunity to experience the magic of the holidays.

🌟 How You Can Help:
Bring a smile to a child’s face by donating new/light used toys or monetary donations. Please contact Your generosity will make a world of difference to families in our community. Collection period is finished on November 30th, 2023.

🌟 How You Can Get Support: 
If you would like to receive the toy for your children, please sign up in advance.Toys can be picked up at the Ukrainian Cultural Center on Saturday, December 2nd from 10 AM to 3 PM.

A Charitable Tabletop Wargaming Convention
The Ukrainian Cultural Centre will be hosting a charity focused Wargames Convention on Sunday, December 3rd, from 9 AM to 8 PM. These events serve as a chance to unite those who passion for tabletop and philanthropy. Your participation will provide support to newcomers, as well as assistance to Kiwanis Village.

For more information and tickets, visit Victoria Wargames Convention

Volunteer Opportunities 
Are you interested in getting more involved in our cultural society? We’re always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help organize events, manage workshops, help at the kitchen, renovations in the Centre and contribute to our ongoing initiatives. If you’re interested in volunteering, please fill up theapplication online 
Gift Shop
The Ukrainian Cultural Centre is the perfect place to pick up all of your Ukrainian essentials from vyshyvanky to pysanky supplies.

The gift shop is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM.

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UCCSVI Announcement of ESL Tuition and Books Funding Support

Ukrainian-Canadian Cultural Society of Vancouver Island (UCCSVI)

Announcement of ESL Tuition and Books Funding Support

Many Ukrainians who have left their home country under conditions of extreme urgency as a result of a war crisis are in need of rapid English language acquisition as a crucial aspect of adaptation and integration. While free ESL (English as a Second Language) programs exist in our community, individual scheduling remains a challenge for some. With this in mind, UCCSVI is committing CAD $20,000 to support Ukrainian newcomers to help pay for their ESL studies.  

Applicant Eligibility criteria:

Eligible Programs covered:

  • Offered by a Canadian credible registered provider (individual tutoring support is not eligible), with official tuition and book receipts.
  • Any level of English language study.
  • The candidate has been enrolled in the ESL program no earlier than March 2022, until the full allocation of funding by UCCSVI.

Financial Support:

  • Covers up to 50% of the full cost of tuition and books not covered by other sources, with a maximum reimbursement of CAD $500 per applicant.
  • Proof of payment will be required for reimbursement. No advanced payments can be provided. 

To apply, please follow these steps:

  • Put together a complete application. 

1) Copy of CUAET visa or work/study permit/visitor record marked СUAET (in pdf, jpg, png);

2) Proof of tuition and book payment (receipts) (in pdf, jpg, png). 

3) Submit Application Form

Please note that only complete applications will be followed up on. 


  • Applications will be reviewed on a biweekly basis. Please do not call or email the UCCSVI office to check on your application. The Office Administrator will not be responsible for reviewing or awarding payments. 
  • Reimbursements will be processed, covering up to 50% of your out-of-pocket expenses, up to a maximum of CAD $500.  Please note that funds are limited, and reimbursements will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis until the allocated funding is exhausted.

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Sunflowers for Ukraine concert

Sunflowers for Ukraine concert

Reminding you about the 45th anniversary concert by the Ukrainian Canadian Cultural Society of Vancouver Island.
This concert will feature local musicians who have been part of the Ukrainian community in Victoria for many years and as well as talented Ukrainian newcomers:

  • Ukrainian Children’s Choir
  • LUNA Ukrainian Ensemble
  • Maria Smolinska, bandura
  • Sofia Yarema, solo
  • Tatiana Kostour and Iryna Graifer, violin and piano
  •  Nataliia Temnyk, opera singer
  • Kalyna Ukrainian Choir
  • Georgiy Matviyiv, bandura
  • Anton Serdiuk and Eldar Talipov, saxophone and trumpet
  • Veselka Dance Veselka Ukrainian Dancers
  • Lado Strings, violin duo Borys Koniukhov Julia Frait
  • 393759132_354544820253219_8375264572326207647_n

  • 393785893_354546043586430_207911458227526266_n

  • 393419244_354546053586429_3982757860307375953_n

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  • 395752150_358834006490967_3553027389366493973_n

  • 395736521_358833983157636_1577396331271973035_n

  • 395802211_358833689824332_7715118304640829534_n

  • 395733382_358833733157661_5603565380916950834_n

  • 395790097_358833279824373_8037304622247838073_n

  • 395755613_358833809824320_7740284848356656125_n

  • 395747915_358833916490976_4089463785045647128_n

  • 394364568_358833486491019_820828602101231991_n

  • 395903812_358833496491018_8272074543378044094_n

  • 395745241_358833463157688_4307573100344404481_n

  • 395747752_358833603157674_30485860772339153_n

  • 395646691_358834293157605_8846408010362894370_n

  • 396371876_358834479824253_253739259064426314_n

  • 396553871_358834483157586_2233436090653437284_n

  • 395743655_358834556490912_1591612528202710859_n

  • 395702589_358834636490904_4921455979008482775_n

  • 395887090_358834633157571_9149232775113637467_n

  • 395775898_358834729824228_3439936342032495105_n

  • 395677670_358834826490885_5238660759853268569_n

  • 395752356_358833639824337_321291107010602758_n

  • 395750630_358834063157628_4854891151171355344_n

  • 395064465_358837366490631_2936630851581199970_n

  • 395711860_358837586490609_6131629334160667907_n

  • 395682256_358837413157293_5396404504019334221_n

  • 395138274_358838193157215_5256561026015382582_n

  • 395072598_358838119823889_4024823724833962633_n

  • 395137071_358838493157185_4964649856835158130_n

  • 395101333_358838573157177_715331455187415161_n

  • 396336196_358837256490642_4472167093955653319_n

  • 395760935_358837086490659_7034567042197321633_n

  • 395652226_358837649823936_1659843747128502374_n

  • 395113677_358837733157261_8310428951925191560_n

  • 395123492_358840313157003_7059689000946781295_n

  • 395132748_358839543157080_5131091451965635930_n

  • 395113351_358840646490303_1417119412530135935_n

  • 395134563_358839496490418_2014820659677692905_n

  • 395167481_358841306490237_8873978941813462530_n

  • 395106471_358841133156921_1153845177599693467_n

  • 395137202_358841393156895_1325076304144913062_n

  • 395145931_358840456490322_3983875336636811555_n

  • 395109040_358840573156977_8718879683617539674_n

  • 395119907_358841146490253_5964580359520410882_n

  • 395119840_358839639823737_3243836405785214998_n

  • 395157150_358842063156828_6440998606188458092_n

  • 395090216_358843556490012_6763123228767328088_n

  • 395111292_358843693156665_6194291380343002094_n

  • 395150987_358843183156716_4455594606251826049_n

  • 395160160_358843866489981_4527230046852310290_n

  • 395262661_358844223156612_392553820053005643_n

  • 395177730_358842813156753_4021310841072060174_n

  • 395132023_358844063156628_2533661304687898974_n

  • 395096533_358843793156655_3948578226403542665_n

  • 395179560_358843276490040_4385453199469210626_n

  • 395035318_358843079823393_949289099978143029_n

  • 395249739_358844316489936_7457046648245720546_n

  • 395127187_358842843156750_650008955606802221_n

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Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting will be held
ON OCTOBER 22, 2023 AT 2 PM

Published on: September 30, 2023

To all current and former Ukrainian Cultural Centre members:

With this year’s AGM quickly approaching, we would like to inform you that the following positions up for election are: President, Treasurer, Secretary and five directors at large (three are due and two directors resigned and not seeking reelection). 

Persons wishing to run for a board position can complete and submit a nomination form endorsed by a paid up member in good standing. A nomination form can be found here. The completed nomination form should be presented to the UCC Office fourteen (14) days prior to the AGM – by October 8th, 2023 (AGM is on October 22nd, 2023 at 2 P.M.).

Their name will be posted on the slate that will be presented to the membership at the AGM.  

Persons attending can also have their names added to the slate by being nominated by another paid up member from the floor. According to the Bylaws, persons wishing to have their name added must be a paid up member for at least one year prior to the AGM, in this case, October 2022. Anyone joining the membership since October 31st last year cannot be considered as a candidate for a board position at this time.

To accommodate some persons not able to attend but wish to exercise their voting privileges, they can do so by proxy. Proxy forms can be found here.    

The completed proxy form can be presented at the time of the AGM by another member in good standing attending the AGM on their behalf. 

To ensure a seat,  please notify the office prior to October 22nd, 2023 if you will be attending. We will do our best to ensure all attending have a seat.

According to recent membership category changes,  vote allocation will be Group representative ( 1 ),  Individual ( 1 ),  Student/Senior ( 1 ),  Honourary/Life time ( 1 ) and Family ( 2 ). All persons voting must be of legal age (18 or older).

Upon entering the UCC main hall, your membership will be confirmed and provided with copies of last year’s AGM meeting minutes,  this year’s agenda,  ballots and a writing implement. If one has proxy forms,  please present them so you can be given an extra ballot for each proxy in your position.

We remind all once again that membership renewal will not be taken at the AGM. It must be renewed at least one week before October 22nd prior to the AGM at the office.   This is to alleviate last minute confusion and the delay of the meeting. You may pay for your membership with the following options:

  1. Online 
  2. Visiting office (cash, cheque, card)
  4. Call to the office during regular hours (Mon-Fri 10AM-3PM or Sat 10AM-4PM) by phone (250)4752585
  5. If you never been a member and would like to join, please use following link

Chase Gargus
Board Secretary

The role of the board is to:
  • Develop a long-range plan for the organization; define our strategy and a time frame for achievement of our goals.
  • Ensure the long term financial stability and strength of the organization, develop and maintain sources of income to provide for the continuing operation of the organization.
  • Ensure the long term organizational stability and strength of the organization, bring into the organization individuals with the necessary abilities to lead and manage the organization in the future.
  • Maintain the integrity, independence and ideals of the organization; do not allow individuals or organizations to compromise these principles.
  • Exercise management oversight of the Office Administrator and the operations, approve annual budgets, review operating and financial results, audit for compliance with internal policies and external requirements, review performance against goals

The Officers:
The officers have specific roles and responsibilities in addition to those they have as members of the board of directors.

  • President: For election, executive position: Preside over board meetings, be a primary spokesperson for the organization; lead the board in the performance of its responsibilities. Operating, financial, and records oversight.
  • Vice President: Alec Rossa, executive position. Perform the duties of the president when the president is unable to perform them. Operating oversight and controls.
  • Secretary: For election, executive position. E-newsletter, minutes, agendas, corporate records, government reports, safeguarding & continuity of records
  • Treasurer: For election, executive position. Financial oversight and controls, reports, budgets, grants, policies, insurance, tax

Directors at Large: 
The Directors have specific operations oversight roles and responsibilities in addition to those they have as members of the board of directors.

  • Director 1: For election. Gift shop sales and supplies
  • Director 2: Library, Ukrainian School, Ukrainian Choir. Cultural events programming. 
  • Director 3: For election. Facility upgrades & repairs, asset inventory, maintenance schedule
  • Director 4: Cultural events organization
  • Director 5: For election. Kitchen and catering management
  • Director 6: For election. Digital marketing, online orders, comprehensive website updates & development 
  • Director 7: For election. Facility rentals & contracts

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Volunteer Appreciation night at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre

Volunteer Appreciation night at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre

July 9, 2023

Sunday, July 9 at 5 pm – we invite you for a Volunteer Appreciation night at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre.
It is time when we would like to appreciate our volunteers who help to support the Ukrainians, Ukrainian Culture and Ukrainian community.
It doesn’t matter if you helped only once or many times, whether it was in person or showing us your support in a different way, whether you helped personally or as an organization, whether you served the community for a long time or you just arrived, we really appreciate your help, your effort, your time.

We invite our volunteers for a social mingling on Sunday, July 9th at 5 pm . (Doors open at 5 pm, official part starts at 5.30 pm) – Let us introduce our special guest Club International! Lions Club is making a generous donation to UCCSVI towards kitchen modernization.
Lions Club are a group of civic-minded people who give their time, energy, and resources to improve their communities and the world.
The organization’s mission is to empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace, and promote international understanding.
We are absolutely thrilled! And wanted to share this news with you.

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Vyshyvanka day Victoria

Vyshyvanka day Victoria

May 21, 2023

  • DSCF0378

  • DSCF0303

  • DSCF0333

  • DSCF0340

  • DSCF0342

  • DSCF0344

  • DSCF0346

  • DSCF0347

  • DSCF0367

  • DSCF0368

  • DSCF0373

  • DSCF0383

  • DSCF0388

  • DSCF0399

  • DSCF0413

  • DSCF0445

  • DSCF0479

  • DSCF0486

  • DSCF0529

  • DSCF0558

  • DSCF0567

  • DSCF0645

  • DSCF0653

  • DSCF0227

  • DSCF0232

  • DSCF0233

  • DSCF0238

  • DSCF0243

  • DSCF0244

  • DSCF0248

  • DSCF0251

  • DSCF0255

  • DSCF0268

  • DSCF0277

  • DSCF0289

  • DSCF0297

  • DSCF0312

  • DSCF0319

  • DSCF0326

  • DSCF0352

  • DSCF0360

  • DSCF0397

  • DSCF0400

  • DSCF0418

  • DSCF0427

  • DSCF0432

  • DSCF0437

  • DSCF0443

  • DSCF0455

  • DSCF0468

  • DSCF0471

  • DSCF0480

  • DSCF0488

  • DSCF0504

  • DSCF0512

  • DSCF0516

  • DSCF0522

  • DSCF0526

  • DSCF0537

  • DSCF0540

  • DSCF0542

  • DSCF0579

  • DSCF0623

  • DSCF0632

  • DSCF0657

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Ukrainian Vechirka – Dance & Music Night


April 28, 2023

Thank you all for the great night full of dance and fun! Pictures courtesy Oleksandr Tiutiunnyk

  • 345239186_3619452611701173_3734294863658514493_n

  • 344970629_259889979829782_297252133915841403_n

  • 344879003_1469893420422556_5964702752798991652_n

  • 344570578_969984144029306_1069390281855488424_n

  • 344769274_1199223783966077_4698502677421856253_n

  • 344572242_935224157549995_907605928004228742_n

  • 345128823_807094874108090_2360987664847264060_n

  • 344557509_979889396785099_3844548171218433516_n

  • 345205162_777687187191602_1238768840363873751_n

  • 344917840_6635884966421513_8002912799720436687_n

  • 344923985_2188455634684425_7540127086971170952_n

  • 344896198_1042933813777824_6309714122435828502_n

  • 345029182_238424878866854_7209021634723301157_n

  • 344748560_954254675587392_2207262252140249393_n

  • 344752317_249352107601387_9039105602133818415_n

  • 344360145_3181215198842873_8371976263715650363_n

  • 345281394_1675174856256491_5388385149081759942_n

  • 344871986_560439892870513_7126512083154704917_n

  • 344770665_762880055608530_8896420302799695033_n

  • 345131993_1291133738279863_899536009309703875_n

  • 344860999_807343154293599_1775453103370631264_n

  • 344577435_1412509799318450_5429688563147232791_n

  • 345232269_214947161285662_7354699554586268171_n

  • 344766710_1170324730314672_525719958049493289_n

  • 344574731_784025019790396_3877680772080371716_n

  • 344405961_558762169711522_7596941595999771845_n

  • 344761755_554285830152499_1759857474021354590_n

  • 344812711_5592185697549036_7803330878238398630_n

  • 344771626_1010989470284675_1076917932195963405_n

  • 344877986_3101874340120727_7164674464938305191_n

  • 344798169_108851948861419_4819849856062018307_n

  • 344813169_1256169191711818_7009280554504683684_n

  • 344806944_159446296814191_6431924440081942841_n

  • 344923712_986034839225107_2568828688025519879_n

  • 344565290_1192309654809047_8770399291636808649_n

  • 345032571_3416384541965786_843249670187355344_n

  • 344797734_272566718530724_2779389963627734315_n

  • 345169740_571071528493725_6877778777152280662_n

  • 344767849_892509678500235_5170248283811071509_n

  • 345063912_1204774277069564_8908194198742230121_n

  • 344805856_1298615444071780_8156918666510554284_n

  • 344741668_1011784246652724_2836497491513648908_n

  • 344868498_749734066540941_5030132574323631909_n

  • 344870289_6452994498085965_7404356618902497754_n

  • 344571163_790172195668068_2198429986713622665_n

  • 345252791_749133230327863_5290132587584534908_n

  • 344798812_674824211321158_8445995945197968369_n

  • 344746736_970077877775909_8905088242835857_n

  • 344832948_533331309009703_3939588928352169292_n

  • 344832914_3331638493813992_6791920819480862413_n

  • 344428624_785196676279381_1162024733284372516_n

  • 344766520_171795722487870_6041630327225627872_n

  • 345059897_1272661150303035_6972184772932012643_n

  • 345061002_564825679113563_719178717642498004_n

  • 344909711_787222279650434_6501073685167762645_n

  • 344854517_1050735186331276_8080524466892535825_n

  • 345192098_911762726582400_5864377511925997827_n

  • 344864850_626509848993886_497217850680236721_n

  • 344925284_1285771952019730_7094343400319045405_n

  • 344771637_620242483315781_8205418509796683130_n

  • 345041589_121443910905158_7247703252530969255_n

  • 345053618_1315020379429920_504905141617308838_n

  • 344764093_260011149747745_275948285868787348_n

  • 344798225_258858480036585_2928106461961691908_n

  • 344731761_1224176598228720_7121496117625073901_n

  • 345285963_253864087107703_1594715485283820178_n

  • 344840641_932583921322759_2622241376476140648_n

  • 344738869_786252566461871_6030704999759153916_n

  • 344837801_199010339653260_2875376401713513610_n

  • 344441788_271705725284553_7273398317823626216_n

  • 344758218_1437290017096738_6271630331734687621_n

  • 344745751_245346374653551_1173979227966016594_n

  • 344736171_1310185859566103_7388800283966387784_n

  • 344733995_6176596782393392_6825550595113772973_n

  • 344747040_267173099000964_6247338176631876877_n

  • 344805070_1325406881340757_5531639098042158811_n

  • 344211728_1280583272857712_2106631214080926330_n

  • 344870021_572250541410567_2519937422597704858_n

  • 344728193_3501110286833053_7202308269228357752_n

  • 344800875_550091350612134_1064593559533506900_n

  • 344826167_810081990537551_5048906257412528263_n

  • 344872808_278561454522892_3809685661699439731_n

  • 345052972_546781224299586_7197965282615805636_n

  • 345039403_267692109181647_5366441123026346084_n

  • 344989015_152077174307597_1997936025601146745_n

  • 344796486_787550972974254_3615211674275545944_n

  • 344752006_630727145141940_8416006599720344026_n

  • 344741429_767165891480593_4436035210771429980_n

  • 345197977_238571805578457_4577140996722308625_n

  • 345237855_138936612492956_790515490311619696_n

  • 344799422_1298962177690385_7907364647965793171_n

  • 344561615_787489556066609_5688143955473423517_n

  • 344747246_1298343500754199_6330395405273137077_n

  • 344936682_1297339784189709_2372346676741457831_n

  • 344735502_6603343256355989_827317914851824024_n

  • 344335372_940963653613960_1211610241689856762_n

  • 344864960_571617371761115_5314894233923070704_n

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