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Під час пожертви вказуйте, чи призначена ця пожертва для “Support and development of the Ukrainian culture” або “Support of the Ukrainian newcomers”
Victoria – vancouver Island
Hands for Ukraine Campaign (a registered Canadian Charity). Help provide prosthetic care, hope and independence to Ukrainians who have lost limbs due to the war.
VICTORIA – Vancouver Island

The Ukrainian Village is a transitional housing initiative run by UCCSVI that provides free, safe and supportive housing for Ukrainians fleeing the war and starting a new life on Vancouver Island.

Tax receipts are available for this type of donation.

VICTORIA – Vancouver Island

Donations are used to support the needs of our arriving guests, such as grocery cards, emergency shelter, and other necessities not covered by other programs.
100% of donations go toward assisting displaced Ukrainians on Vancouver Island.

NBU Opened Special Account to Raise Funds for Ukraine’s Armed Forces

Українсько-Канадське Культурне Товариство острова Ванкувер

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